UPDATES: Alpha nearing end!

That’s right! Spectre Detector’s alpha is nearing it’s end. With the optimization of the program along with several asthetic features, all that’s left is shops and powerups and it’s ready for Beta!

Check the Info page for the change log of the latest update.

Spectre Detector┬áis a top-down 2D shooter designed to allow anyone to just pick it up and enjoy themselves. It’s fast-paced, space shooting action confined to the 16 bit realm of an arcade machine.


Spectre Detector is now on IndieDB!
Jcam Technologies
We are constantly developing Spectre Detector, therefore, new features will be added regularly. Please send your suggestions to support@jcamtech.com. Almost everything that is suggested (provided its appropriate for the game) is added!

If there are any bugs that you would like to report, please send a report via the Bugs page.


Spectre Detector Windows game

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